Thursday, June 10, 2010

JMO: Southern Brazil is a Model Haven?

Does anyone else find this video slightly disturbing?
Should scouts (often male) be allowed around schools to look for potential models?
Does it irk anyone else that models are so young when they start out in the fashion industry?
Call me crazy, but maybe if fashion models weren’t little girls, designers would start creating clothes for WOMEN. You know, females who have started having menstrual cycles. Not to mention the fact that these girls all look the same. With Brazil’s diverse population, it’s disappointing that scouts continue to look for the Brazilian girls with more European blood.

It’s like traveling to Paris and going to McDonalds for food.


  1. I read about this in the NY Times...I won't lie it's a little disturbing.

  2. it shouldn't surprise us, give that "beauty" for all it's natural abundance, is still man made. And surprise it's WHITE! Whatever. That video was really disturbing.